About Us

ASB Management Consultancy

ASB Management Consultancy is a health, safety, environment, quality, management and immigration service provider.

“All Goals are Achievable” be S.M.A.R.T.!

Our aim is to help individuals and organisation fulfil their goals and expectation:

  • We provide training to help develop skills and knowledge.
  • We provide consultancy to help companies optimize operations, reduce risk, make informed decisions, and enhance value.
  • We provide immigration services to help realise you dreams of settling or visiting in a new country.

Our Values

ASB Management Consultancy is a health, safety, environment, quality, management and immigration service provider.

  • Safety – Safety first!
  • Quality and Excellence – Set and achieve high standards in everything we do.
  • Integrity – Do the right thing.
  • Fulfilment – Develop our talents and enjoy our work.
  • Teamwork – Communicate openly and respect each other.
  • Profitability – Make wise decisions and help grow the business.

We must all demonstrate integrity in all our business conduct, including dealings with fellow employees, clients, intermediaries, suppliers, governments, financial record keeping and treatment of company property.

Our Policies

Aamir Shehzad Billah (ASB) Management Consultancy and First Aid Training Center is an occupational health, safety, environment and management service provider specializing in management systems, consultancy and training. We are committed and believe that our services can make a difference for
individuals, companies and groups in meeting their targets, requirements and sustainability.

Our Commitments include:

  • Providing our team with the necessary resources needed to complete their jobs in a safe (free from disease and physical injuries), environmentally responsible manner (prevention of pollution) and as per the requirements.
  • Fulfilling all the applicable requirements of Authorities, Customers, Awarding Organizations, and any other organization or body that we subscribe to or adopt their standards as best practices.
  • Taking actions to mitigate the risks and impacts arising from our activities and services.
  • Continually improving our systems and their performance.
    Empower our team, consult them and encourage them to actively participate in the company’s development.

To sustain these commitments, our Management System applies to all activities and employees.

Our Goals:

  • We will strive towards:
    o Zero Harm to the people and the environment.
    o 100% Customer Satisfaction.
    o 100% Compliance.
  • To enhance professionalism, promote/ensure continuous learning and assist our team in maintaining their competency and achieving their professional goals.
  •  To maintain profitability by implementing effective and efficient processes.
  • Meeting the Customers’ needs by providing information and services with the aim of exceeding their expectations.
  • Provide a work environment that is comfortable for our employees and customers.

ASB Consultancy will use its Management System as a platform for learning, improvement and advocacy. All employees share the responsibility for compliance with this policy.

Aamir Shehzad Billah (ASB) Management Consultancy and First Aid Training Center is committed to providing services which embrace diversity and that promote equality of opportunity. As an employer and training/consultancy provider, ASB is committed to equality and valuing diversity within its workforce. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with all our customers and learners.

We will provide equality of opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation – or any other grounds.

Every person working for ASB has a personal responsibility for implementing and promoting these principles in their day-to-day dealings with everyone – including members of the public, other staff and employers. Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable.

We think it is important that all our people can contribute to the achievement of the company objectives. Courses will be accessible to all learners and any learner who wishes to discuss any requirements that they may need to have in place are encouraged to notify our team prior to the course taking place so that
arrangements can be made.

Aamir Shehzad Billah (ASB) Management Consultancy and First Aid Training Center has an obligation to its learners, employers and awarding bodies to ensure that the qualifications its learners receive are a fair and accurate representation of their work, and of the knowledge and skills attained. Therefore, the purpose of this policy is to ensure that the integrity of the qualifications is upheld by taking reasonable steps to prevent malpractice and/or maladministration and by approaching in a consistent manner, all reports of suspected or actual cases of malpractice and/or maladministration, whether carried out by learners or staff.


Any act, default or practice which is a breach of the Regulations by which ASB is required to abide or which compromises, attempts to compromise or may compromise the process of assessment, the integrity of any qualification or the validity of a result or certificate; and/or damages the authority, reputation or credibility of any awarding body or centre or any officer, employee or agent of any awarding body or centre.

Staff malpractice:

Malpractice committed by a member of staff or contractor (whether employed
under a contract of employment or a contract for services); or an individual
appointed in another capacity by a centre such as an invigilator, an Oral Language Modifier, a practical assistant, a prompter, a reader, a scribe or a Sign Language Interpreter.

Learner malpractice:

Malpractice by a learner in the course of any examination or assessment,
including the preparation and authentication of any controlled assessments or
coursework, the presentation of any practical work, the compilation of portfolios of assessment evidence and the writing of an examination paper.


Any activity or practice which results in non-compliance with an awarding body’s administrative regulations and requirements including the application of persistent mistakes or poor administration.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Head of Centre:

  • Ensure that this policy and the consequences of noncompliance are communicating to all concern.
  • Appropriate policies and procedures are in place to prevent malpractice/maladministration incidents.
  • Employees are competent to investigate cases (or suspected cases) of malpractice/maladministration.
  • Promptly notify the awarding body of suspicions or actual incidents of malpractice/maladministration in line with the requirements of the awarding body malpractice/ maladministration policy.
  • Take all reasonable steps to investigate any suspected incidents of malpractice or maladministration.

Employees & Contractors:

  • Immediate report all incidents of malpractice or maladministration to the General Manager.
  • Promptly taking all reasonable steps to prevent (or mitigate) any adverse effects arising from the malpractice/maladministration.
  • Taking appropriate and proportionate action against those who are responsible for the malpractice/maladministration.
  • Implement assessment practices that reduce the opportunity for malpractice.
  • Abide by the specific assessment and administrative requirements for each course and qualification as laid down by the relevant awarding body.
  • Ensure learners are aware of their responsibilities under this policy.
  • Check the validity of all work submitted for assessment.
  • Make candidates aware of the procedures for reporting any suspected incident of malpractice.


  • Submit work for assessment that is the candidates’ own original work.
  • Report any suspected incident of malpractice or maladministration to a member of staff.


  1. All incidents of malpractice/ maladministration must be reported immediately either to the:
    a) General Manager:
    Mobile: +971 50 4529 286; or
    Email: asbmanage@gmail.com; or
    Visiting: Office # 708, Al Jawhara Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Bur Dubai, UAE.
    Snail mail: Post Box # 74264, Dubai, UAE.
    If required, the confidentiality of the informer will be maintained
    b) Awarding Body or Local Authorities as per their procedures (for contact details refer to their
    official website).

2. The actions to be taken by ASB:

  1. The General Manager will immediately carry out initial investigation that includes getting
    statements, site visit, talking to people involved etc. and will try to determine the severity of the
  2.  The General Manager will inform the Awarding Body as per their procedure.
  3. If a further detailed investigation is required, the General Manager will form an investigation and lead the investigation. If employees are involved, then the General Manager will seek assistance from other organisation to assist with the investigation.