Management Consultancy Services in Dubai

Consultancy is about providing expertise and advice within a particular field; organisations hire the services of a consultant or a consultancy firm to further improve or streamline certain aspects or systems of their business that may be lagging back.

We, at ASB Management Consultancy, offer a wide range of services to help organisations improve their performance. We believe in systems and use a practical approach in streamlining them for the organization, this makes the implementation easier, practical and reduces unnecessary process steps.

The services, we currently offer are:

Management System (ISO Documentation and Certification):

ASB Management Consultancy has over 25 years of experience in planning and implementing the management systems in different industries. Our aim is to develop management systems that are simple, practical and meets the requirements of internationally recognised standards and best practices. Our services include system gap analysis, on-site review, preparing documentation, auditing, explaining requirements to key personnel etc.

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System).
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System).
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Health and Safety Management System).
  • ISO 50001:2018 (Energy Management System).
  • ISM (International Safety Management (ISM) Code is an international standard for the safe operation of ships and for pollution prevention).

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Material

ASB Management Consultancy can help organisations with:

  • Storage of chemicals (warehouses and stores) in line with the NFPA requirements.
  • Assisting with Dubai Municipality Dangerous Goods permits application.
  • Providing training (Dangerous Goods, COSHH etc.).
  • Preparing emergency plans and conducting drills.
  • Incident investigation.
  • Cargo inspection and survey.

Environmental Impact Statement:

ASB Management Consultancy can help the organisation in preparing an EIA for their existing or new projects.

Life-cycle assessment is a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling. We can prepare an LCA report for your product to help you and your consumers understand the impacts associated with it (from cradle to grave).


A survey is a close examination of safe operation and practices in place in the workplace and facilities. There are many types of surveys carried out that can help an organisation in further improvements. There are so many different types of survey that ASB Management Consultancy can help you with, some of these are listed below:

A noise survey is used to establish whether employees are being exposed to occupational noise levels exceeding the exposure limits set by the regulations (in the UK, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005) or even the limits set by the company.

An asbestos survey is used to identify asbestos-containing material within a building, property or structure.

An employee survey is a tool used by organizational leadership to gain feedback on and measure employee engagement, employee morale, and performance.

Workplace survey is used to evaluate the effects of the work, workplace and work environment on health and working capacity.

Condition survey is a means of providing a detailed evaluation of the condition of a building, property, equipment or structure.

Training and Development:

ASB Management Consultancy can help organisations with:

  • Develop Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for their organisation.
  • Develop training modules in line with company policies and internationally recognized standards.
  • Conduct induction or training for the organization or their contractors on various topics.
  • Manage training records and database for organizations.
  • Develop policies with regards to training and development.

We can manage all training related activities for all companies.

HSE Assessments

HSE assessment is a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking. From a health, safety and environment point of view, assessment can:

Qualitative focus on the probability of a risk occurring and the impact it would have on the organization. This type is subjective, based upon personal judgment backed by generalized data.

Quantitative require measurable and objective data for determining asset value, probability and risk values. The type which produces an objective, probability estimate, based upon known information applied to the circumstances being considered.

ASB Management Consultancy helps organisations in assisting or preparing the HSE assessment, some normally requested include:

  • Risk Assessment is the basic form of managing the risks that all organisations must have and implemented.
  • Aspect Register is a requirement for environmental management that aims to mitigate the environmental impacts.
  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) are procedural tools designed to highlight the deficiency and shortcomings in the design and operation of industrial plant.
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) provides a systematic approach to the identification of the combinations of possible occurrences in a system that could combine to result in an undesirable outcome.
  • HAZID (Hazard Identification) is a qualitative technique for the early identification of potential hazards and threats affecting people, the environment, assets or reputation.
  • Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a method which creates a series of linkages between potential failures (Failure Modes), the impact on the mission (Effects) and the causes of the failure (Causes and Mechanisms).

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