HSE Assessments

HSE Assessments

A thorough assessment helps reduce failures and improve the chance of success. Assessments are done for various aspects such as reducing or preventing occupational health and physical injuries, prevention of pollution, reducing cost etc.

ASB Management Consultancy considers this to be their trump card because we have to ability and expertise in logical thinking, being proactive and to visualise the different possible outcomes. Some of the assessments normal requested are:

Generic OH&S risk assessments:

It is a legal requirement (in most countries) that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is available and communicated to all concerned. ASB Management Consultancy, use the UK Health and Safety Executive 5 step risk assessment model to help companies and organisations in fulfilling their legal commitments.

Environmental Impacts or Aspect Register:

No company can be considered environmentally active without a comprehensive aspect and impact register that identifies the aspects/impacts arising from their activities, services and product and how there are prioritising and managing them. ASB Management Consultancy uses different models and matrix systems depend on the understanding and capability of the team.

Task or Area related assessments:

Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Manual Handling assessment, noise assessment, fire assessment are some specific assessment focusing on risks associated with a task, environment or the area.

ASB Management Consultancy works in line with the UK legislation with regards to the specific assessments; however other internationally recognised standards can also be adopted.

Quantitative technique:

Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Hazard Identification (HAZID) are different methods or tools for identifying potential hazards, these are specific and normally done for a plant, system, project etc. ASB Management Consultancy can assist clients in completing such assessment as per the requirements.

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