ISO 50001 Awareness & Internal Auditing Course

ISO 50001 Awareness & Internal Auditing Course | Energy Management Systems

These are two courses have been combined together to give candidates a better understanding of the standard and its requirements. it is a very useful course for newcomers to the management systems or existing professionals who want to improve their understanding of the standard and its auditing process. It is a 2-day course, the first day is for understanding the core requirements of ISO 50001 (ideal for managers and supervisors), the second day is for people who want to learn about 1st party audits (internal audits). The course can be split up depending on the customer requirements.

Who should attend:

Anyone involved (directly or indirectly) in the planning, implementation, or monitoring Energy Management System (EnMS).

Prior knowledge / pre-requisite


What is Covered

Day 1:

  • ISO 50001 structure (High-Level Structure).
  • Terms and definitions.
  • Core requirements.
  • Understanding Energy bassline and Energy Performance Indicators.

Day 2.

  • The role of an auditor and the type of audits.
  • Overview of audit planning, conducting, and reporting.
  • Overview of audit findings.
  • Documented information and the difference between maintaining and retaining documented information.

Assessment & Certification

10 multiple-choice questions at the end of the course on each day. The questionnaire must be completed within 30 minutes and successful candidates must achieve a minimum pass mark of 5 correct answers (50%) to pass.


One Day (8 hours) for understanding the standard requirements.
Two Days (16 hours) for internal auditors.


ASB Training Center Qualification.


Business hotels, training centers or customers’ premises if required.

Course instructor:

Professional lecturers from ASB Training Center or appointed partner organization.

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