5S Japanese Good Housekeeping Practices

The Japanese’s 5S Good Housekeeping practices at the workplace have proven to raise the level of productivity for many organizations worldwide. In fact, 5S Good Housekeeping is the first and most basic module for “Lean Manufacturing” implementation. Many government offices also strive to implement this 5S Good Housekeeping practices to improve their service efficiency, corporate image as well as safety levels. Using this relation between housekeeping and productivity as a basis, organizations should take steps on a regular basis to reduce its costs through the elimination or reduction of wastage. To achieve this, employees should be trained to carry out 5S Good Housekeeping practices to identify and eliminate wastes in their organizations. 5S Good Housekeeping is a simple, low-cost approach, systematic and successful way to an improved workplace. An organized workplace is also a safer place. It leads to a cleaner and neater environment and happier workers.

Who should attend:

All levels of employees – – especially those who are involved in a plant.

Prior knowledge / pre-requisite


What is Covered

  • Recognize the importance of 5S Good Housekeeping and how it can benefit the employees and organization.
  • Learn the 5S Principles for wastes reduction and productivity improvements
  • Implement and practice 5S good housekeeping method systematically at the workplace.
  • Convince workers of the benefits of good housekeeping
  • Plan out a proper housekeeping audit
  • Maintain good housekeeping standards through discipline & teach others to do likewise.

Assessment & Certification

10 multiple-choice questions at the end of the course. The questionnaire must be completed within 30 minutes and successful candidates must achieve a minimum pass mark of 5 correct answers (50%) to pass.


One Day (8 hours).


ASB Training Center Qualification.



Business hotels, training centers or customers’ premises if required.

Course instructor:

Professional lecturers from ASB Training Center or appointed partner organization.

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